On Friday 23 March, Wemeetz will open a meeting zone in De Statie at Apeldoorn station. This is done in collaboration with NS and Pluryn. Wemeetz is an international online and offline meeting place, focused on business networking. There are meeting zones at places such as stations and airports. The Wemeetz meeting point in Apeldoorn is the first in the Netherlands and the first in the entire globe. The Statie in Apeldoorn is a wonderful meeting place where you can work, hold a meeting or just enjoy a drink or a meal. 

What is Wemeetz? Wemeetz stands for business meeting. For example, you come to a different city or country for business and you have some spare time. How convenient, inspiring and interesting would it be to talk to a like-minded person about your profession and to exchange knowledge? With the app you can find people who work in the same field and arrange an appointment in a Wemeetz meeting place.

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